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Liquid Switchover

Liquid Switchover

Liquid Switchover

The Rexarc Electronic Cryogenic Liquid Switchover System
(Shown with liquid primary & liquid reserve)

Visible & Audible Warning Signals

RS-485 Compatible for Computer Monitoring

E-mail/Internet Capability

For Analytical & Medical

Using only the most up-to-date microprocessors in this manifold system, the software in the Rexarc Electronic Series Cryogenic Liquid-to-Liquid automatic switchover system allows for the most advanced communication and information processing available. 

The automatic switchover system is the most advanced gas management available in the market for supplying nonflammable, vaporized cryogenic gases to scientific and medical applications. 

It is ideally suited for argon delivery to Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) analyzers in the analytical laboratory.

It is equally effective in medical applications and can be factory preset to NFPA standards (see Rexarc Medical Manifold catalog or call customer service for full information).

The system offers e-mail notification to all involved people regarding any current status condition in the manifold system, including notifying suppliers of reorder situations.

It also monitors and records pressure readings, maintains an event log, and much more!  To order or for more information please call Rexarc's Customer Service Department.

  • Cabinet- Stainless Steel 
  • Internal connections- Brass & Copper Stainless steel option available
  • Delivery Pressure- 0-450 psig
  • Maximum Flow Rate- Up to 6000 scfh (Depending on Configuration)