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New Products


Rexarc is devoted to continuously developing new and innovative products to serve the constantly changing needs of our customers. Please check back on a regular basis to find out what's new at Rexarc.

Dewar Drop

Designed to be a flexible gas delivery tool on-site. Use for Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen or Argon Mixes.

Flexibility of connecting multiple lines to one dewar with quick switch-over from one dewar to another.  Use more than one flow rate from the same dewar by utilizing the Rexarc Fixed Flow Fittings For cutting applications. One-piece design means you only need one regulator and you don't have to keep track of it, because it is built into the Dewar.




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Dewar Drop Screen shot of cut sheet 

Tilting Trunnion

For the safe and effective handling of calcium carbide drums.
Acetylene plants around the world use different methods to load calcium carbide into hoppers, containers, and fill carts. Rexarc International manufactures the tilting trunnion for operators that want a safe, cost effective, and productive option to move carbide from drums into a receiving device.




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Tilting Trunnion PDF

Fixed Flow Fitting

Delivers the proper gas flow to the right place ALL THE TIME.
Tamper-proof design – flow rate cannot be altered at point of use. Can be installed on the “GAS IN” connection behind your welding machines. No moving parts, no maintenance, cannot break. Flow rate is “factory set” to your specific gas requirements. Eliminates gas surges, IMMEDIATE ROI




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FixedFlow 124x160 

New Gas Mixing System

Rexarc's new Gas Mixing System provides high process repeatability independent of pressure and withdrawal fluctuations. Supplies mixed gas up to 400 scfh / 8 welders. Compact design is easy to install with wall and floor models available. Can be used for mixing many technical gases.

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Gas mixer 160x124 

Econ-O-Flow Oxygen/Inert Gas Manifold

Rexarc's Econ-O-Flow for liquid cylinders has a built-in automatic recovery system that virtually eliminates gas waste due to venting. Features automatic switchover from "IN USE" to "RESERVE" bank. If you are using three high pressure cylinders a week of the same gas, you are paying for the Rexarc Econ-O-Flow Manifold...year after year without any of the benefits.

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Rexarc EconOFlow 160x124 

Portable Gas Distribution Centers

Portability for businesses on the go.
Flexibility to be customized to your needs.
It's the new Portable Distribution Center!

Portable Manifold website   portable no mixer   portable with mixer

Rexarc's Portable Distribution Center can easily be moved from site to site or around your building. The rugged and durable cage protects from even the worst environment. It can be customized to hold as few station drops as 1 to as many as 5. Gas mixers and rolling wheels have been added to these distribution centers recently. Set up is quick saving you time and money. They are completely customizable to your needs.

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PDC 120316 160x124 

Hydraulic Flashback Arresters

A complete line for acetylene, hydrogen, LPG, propylene, natural gas.
Rexarc hydraulic flashback arresters are built to last with no annual replacement. Models are available in capacities from 100 to 150,000 scfh. Rexarc hydraulic flashback arresters create little resistance resultig in NO LOSS OF PRESSURE.

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LFB 120316 190x154 

Automatic Switchovers for Specialty Gases

The Model 471Switchover system is designed to provide a continuous supply of non-corrosive gas or liquefied gas from two or more cylinders, allowing uninterrupted delivery of gas to critical applications such as gas chromatography carrier gases. A line regulator can be incorporated into the system to assure no downstream fluctuation of gas pressure during the switchover sequence.

The Model 491switchover system is designed to provide a continuous supply of high purity or corrosive gases from two or more cylinders, allowing uninterrupted delivery of gas. Includes a line regulator to assure no downstream fluctuation of gas pressure during the switchover sequence.




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Switchovers 120316 190x154 

The dynamic duo – Rexarc Gas Economizer and Model 42 Torch

Gas Economizer

  • Easy to operate
  • Torch weight shuts off the gas
  • Can be used with all fuel gases

Model 42 Torch

  • Has a compact, forged body overall size is 7-3/4" and weighs just 8 oz.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Torch operates with oxygen /acetylene or natural gas and LPG type gases.
  • Model 42 torch has slip-on 3/16" hose connections (Model 43 torch has 3/8-24 RH/ LH connections)
  • 60°gooseneck standard, 90°and 180° are available

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Duo 120316 190x154 

LI- Economical Industrial Gas Changeover Manifolds

Economical High Performance For Industrial Applications
The Rexarc LI manifold automatically switches from the primary gas supply to the reserve gas supply, allowing uninterrupted gas delivery and maximum uptime on critical industrial applications.

All LI manifolds ship pre-mounted on a stainless steel bracket for convenient wall placement and include a preset relief valve. Adding an optional pressure switch and alarm kit enhances the system with remote monitoring capability.




Body and Bonnet:               Chrome-plated Brass Barstock

Diaphragm Material:           316L Stainless Steel

Sealing Material:                  PCTFE Teflon

Gas Compatibility:               Inert Gases and Oxygen only

Maximum Inlet Pressure:   3000 psig

Outlet Ports:                          1/4" NPT Female

Working Temperature:      -4 to 150 F

Manifold gauges (2):           2" dual-scale psi (black) / kPa (red)

Line Regulator Gauge:        2 1/4" dual-scale psi (black) / kPa (red)


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Trunion 124x160 

Pallet Master 639

PM 330x370


Rexarc’s PALLET MASTER 639 is an adjustable, palletized cylinder distribution system designed to increase distributor efficiencies while decreasing costs.

  • Designed to connect to 4, 8, 12 or 16 cylinders
  • Does not require dedicated assets
  • Portable – move from pallet to pallet without tools
  • Manifolds multiple cylinders on demand
  • Ease of installation, connection and operation
  • Single outlet
  • Heavy duty, built for industrial applications
  • Designed to work on most pallets
  • Infinitely adjustable up to 48 inches
  • Reduces labor on cylinder handling
  • Reduces safety concerns
  • Can be used for Oxygen, Inert and Acetylene (fuel) gases




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PM639 102210 160x124