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Electronic Series Low Pressure Cryogenic System

Electronic Series Low Pressure Cryogenic System

Electronic Series low Pressure Cryogenic Manifold

Electronic Series low pressure cryogenic system with emergency backup

The versatility of this manifold makes it ideal for all medical gas applications.  Advanced engineering provides computer monitoring and internet ordering options.  This is an ideal set up for those who prefer the liquid/liquid style manifold and need to update their existing medical gas delivery system.  The components of the controller are tested and factory preset to NFPA standards.  It provides visual and audible signals.  The control cabinet is stainless steel with easy to read gauges.  NFPA 99 requires that a high pressure emergency reserve be installed as diagramed with a minimum one-day supply, no less than three cylinders. The dual bypass regulators from Rexarc include both the suggested relief valve and source shutoff valve.

Manifold 4-04-0147M Ordering Information


No. Cycle Part No Medical Gas* Length approx shipping weight Lbs.
2 4-04-0147M-2 3'-3" 100
4 4-04-0147M-4 4'-7" 105
6 4-04-0147M-6 6'-3" 110

*Specify Gas by name Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Nitrous Oxoid, Carbon dioxide


Number of Cylinders

Part No Medical Gas*


Approx. Shipping Wt. Lbs.