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Rexarc station outlets (oxygen station outlets, argon station outlets, acetylene station outlets, gas station outlets, carbon dioxide outlet or co2 station outlet) comply with National Fire Protection Association Bulletin, and are designed to supply efficient gas volume with minimum pressure reduction. Each station outlet is in compliance with ANSI standard, marked with a positive identification label naming the gas being used as well as being color coded. Each outlet is a preassembled unit ready for installation.

Before installing station outlets, piping should be cleaned, dried and tested in accordance with National Fire Protection Booklet #51.Station outlets should be installed at a height and location that affords protection as well as easy operator access to the station supply valve. Apply appropriate pipe sealant on the male threads only. Test system for leaks. If leaks are found, relieve pressure, repair and retest. Purge system before use.

If you don't see the configuration of station outlet that meets your needs, give Rexarc's customer service department a call and we'll talk through the application with you and build a station outlet that meets your needs. Multi-gas distribution centers are also included in this section.