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Rexarc manifold systems reduce cylinder handling costs and provide maximum safety.

Rexarc manifold systems allow better cylinder control, safety and performance in your production facility while reducing costs. No more cylinders scattered about the workplace, thus saving time in replacing empties while reducing rental costs and record keeping. Safety is improved with the tighter cylinder control enabled by manifold use, and production is positively impacted by eliminating frequent downtime due to cylinder change-outs. Gas consumption is also reduced since each cylinder is uniformly emptied.

Rexarc hydraulic flashback arresters are required when hydrogen, methane is used in conjunction with oxygen or compressed air. Convoluted stainless steel cylinder pigtails are used due to the specific gravity of the gases. Rexarc hydrogen, methane distribution systems comply to National Fire Protection Association Bulletin #51.


Selecting the correct size hydrogen, methane manifold:

  • Calculate the flow (scfh) at each outlet in the piping system. Add the cubic feet per hour flow rate of each. The total will give you the volume of Hydrogen, Methane needed per hour.
  • The manifold should have enough cylinders to provide for at least one day’s fuel gas requirements.