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Rexarc manifold systems reduce cylinder handling costs and provide maximum safety.

Rexarc manifold systems let you concentrate your cylinders in one location so they’re not scattered throughout work areas. This reduces cylinder handling costs by giving you greater control over your gas supply. Since your cylinders are located in a central area, you always know where they are. Plant safety is improved, record keeping is kept to a minimum and labor costs are cut because only a few minutes of one person’s time is necessary to service the manifold. In addition, you increase production by eliminating interruptions at user stations to change cylinders and save gas as well, since all cylinders will be emptied uniformly.


Selecting the correct size inert gas manifold.

  • Calculate the flow (scfh) at each outlet in the piping system. Add the cubic feet per hour flow rate of each.The total will give you the volume of gas needed per hour.
  • The manifold should have enough cylinders to provide for at least one day’s inert gas requirements.